India Today SurveyYS Jagan led YSRCP to an earth-shattering victory in 2019. His party swept the polls unanimously. But that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore as Jagan’s graph is dropping at an alarming rate.

The latest survey report from India Today – C Voter indicates that Jagan’s graph has dropped substantially.

In the previous Mood Of The Nation survey reported by the agency, which was in August 2022, Jagan got a rating of 56.5%. And now, the rating has dropped 39.7%. The drop is a pretty big one in such a short space.

Usually, the graphs of the ruling parties and the CMs will be on a downward spiral in the last 1 year due to incumbency. And more so, in AP, Lokesh has set out on a huge Padayatra, and even Pawan Kalyan is set to go on a Yatra soon.

And with TDP-JanaSena alliance looking increasingly likely, the downward spiral of Jagan’s graph should be a dangerously threatening one for the YSRCP troops. Let alone Jagan’s statement of sweeping 175/175, keeping hold of his current graph itself appears to be too big of a challenge for Jagan now.