India No.1 Corruption Forbes ListCorruption has always has been there in our country from the roots and has become a part of the constitution we can say. It is a very common thing in India to be asked the bribe for the public services to be provided. This is not as small anyone thinks, apparently, India is the most corrupted among the Asian countries.

According to the survey conducted for about 18 months by an NGO, Transparency International, in 16 countries of Asia Pacific, India stood first in taking the bribe with 69% bribery rate. Wow! that means more than half of the population of India pays the bribe for their requests to be addressed.

Educational and Healthcare sectors are the ones that witnessed highest bribery rates of 58% and 59%. However, interestingly, 51% Indians have faith in their government that they can bring the corruption down. Congrats to Modi on this. whatever it is, it doesn’t feel good to see our country on the top in such category. Really hope that the government keeps the beliefs of its people in curbing the corruption.