I-Day Speech: Jagan Mentions About Three CapitalsYS Jagan Mohan Reddy‘s indirect mention of three capitals in his Independence day address has become a topic of discussion.

Speaking as part of the Independence Day celebrations in Vijayawada, the CM said that administrative decentralization at the capital level is their government’s policy.

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“This is the foundation of regional disparities and also for the aspirations of the people there,” the Chief Minister.

Jagan said another chapter in administrative decentralization is the increase of districts that happened recently in Andhra Pradesh.

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Jagan’s indirect mention of three capitals stirred discussions if the state government going to bring back the bills pertaining to three capitals after withdrawing them last year.

It is also known to our readers that there have been rumors that the Chief Minister will set up a camp office in Vizag and start working from there from Dasara.

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This is the first time the Chief Minister has mentioned about the three capitals directly or indirectly in a very long time.