Narendra Modi, Center, Central government, Telanagana, Andhra Pradesh, Assets division, Union Home ministry, assets and liabilities, Telugu states, Supreme Court, KCR, Chandrababu naiduNarendra Modi government is repeatedly disappointing Telugu People with its indecisiveness and calculative approach in issues pertaining to both the Telugu States. The meeting of Senior officials of both the states with the higher ups in Union Water Resources Ministry continued on the second day too.

At the end, the result is waste of tax payers money for the flight tickets of officials from Hyderabad to Delhi and their food and accommodation there. The meeting ended inconclusive as the center asked both the sides to talk with themselves and resolve the issue. This will mean that both the states will have to fight for Krishna water.

Andhra Pradesh is demanding that Krishna River Management Board should take control of all the projects. Telangana is insisting that water allocations have to be resolved before doing that and wants to continue water sharing like last year. However AP is not agreeing for that as Telangana did not comply with Board instructions many times last year and AP had to plead them water.