Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena Anatapur Meeting November 11th 2016Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan repeatedly says he has no much belief on Politicians and Industrialists. We have seen him opposing the land acquisition and the Mega Aqua Food Park for the same reason. But then the actor cum politician seems to be himself not standing on his own word. Pawan Kalyan after his last meeting in Kakinada announced that there will not be any public meetings further.

He came to this discussion after a young man got killed in the stampede that occurred there. He went on to say he do not want such things to happen and will find some other ways to reach people. Jana Sena supporters were shocked by this decision because Public meetings are the lifeline for any political party in the country in communicating with the people.

They finally managed to convince him to change his decision. Pawan Kalyan has this habit of taking and announcing decisions in a jiffy without giving it a good thought. But then that hurriedness will hit back in Politics. Opposition parties will always get a chance to portray that as his failure and try to hit his credibility in the people.

The next meeting will happen on November 10th in Anantapur. Utmost Care is taken to choose the venue which will not cause any mishap like the last time. Pawan Kalyan’s meeting comes at the time when Special Status issue is taking a natural death in people. It has to be seen how far he is successfully in pushing it to people once again.