nara-lokesh-chief-ministerThere are several speculations about Nara Lokesh’s Political Future across the Telugu States. The Young Lad is playing an active role in the Party Organization and in and out of the party, there are speculations about what is in store for the future. Some media houses are reporting of inducting him into Cabinet via Council but then Naidu still tight-lipped about that.

In a media interview, Lokesh talked about his future political plans. He went on to say he is ready to take a cabinet portfolio if at all the party insists. He backs it up saying that Senior leaders are saying that if I don’t accept the offer I’ll be seen as inefficient.

When asked about the ambition of CM Chair, Lokesh seems to be clear about that. “Our leader will be there as CM for at least 25 years and I’m not in a hurry. KTR is close to 40, Jagan is above 40 and Akhilesh Yadav is in the late forties, but I’m in my early thirties. I want to gain more experience, win a few elections before I’m tuned to it,” he said.