AP FloodsRayalaseema is witnessing unprecedented rains which has made Lakhs of people homeless. People are looking at the sky for the Government to drop food packets and water bottles as they lost everything to the deluge. At this juncture, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is on a weddings-going spree.

He had attended two wedding ceremonies in the last two days and snaps from there have gone viral on social media. The Chief Minister is happily waving hands at the people, posing for selfies, and is even having sutumptous meals. All these pictures have gone viral on social media.

People are criticizing the Chief Minister for ignoring the region which has given YSR Congress 49 out of 52 seats in 2019 elections. But then, the Ruling Party is not so worried. They are pretty much happy because the Chief Minister has ordered ex-gratia for the dead and the affected and free ration for families.

The people, their hardships, their worries have been gauged in the name of some ex-gratia – three lakh Rupees for death, two thousand Rupees if water submerged houses etc. A rate has been fixed for everything and the money will be given. The responsibility ends there for the Government.

They do not buy the idea of people wanting the Chief Minister to visit them. They do not understand that things like a human touch and confidence that the CM is on the ground are bullshit because rate is fixed and money will be given. When people do not care anything except for freebies, everything including death will be just a price tag.

Meanwhile, Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is visiting flood affected areas from tomorrow. Hopefully we do not see the Government stopping him.