Grama Volunteer strikeVillage Volunteer System is brought forth by YSR Congress Government in the name of door delivery of Government services. One volunteer is appointed for every fifty households. Most of them are YSR Congress cadre.

While Opposition fears Volunteers working in favor of the Ruling Party in the elections, Volunteers across the state have called for an impromptu agitation against the Government. They are demanding a salary hike on an immediate basis.

They are currently being paid 5,000 Rupees and they are demanding that it be increased up to 12,000 Rupees. They are also demanding Job Security from the Government. They are demanding to define specific work hours as well.

“The Government does not even have a minimum respect for us despite we worked really hard even during the pandemic. We are not even paid on par with Ration Delivery agents. CM Jagan should immediately respond and solve our issues,” they are demanding.