Impressive: Chandrababu Naidu Calm in The Storm of ControversyFormer Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu was subjected to frisking in Gannavaram Airport the other day just like any other common passenger and was not allowed to take the flight on a Special Vehicle as allowed to the VIPs having Z Plus Security. Naidu had to take the bus along with the other passengers.

This has created a huge controversy as many see this as harassment by the Government to the former Chief Minister. Some have expressed severe apprehensions about Naidu’s Security who is on the hit-list of the Maoists. Interestingly, Naidu was not subjected to frisking in Hyderabad Airport.

On the other side, YSR Congress supporters are arguing that Opposition Leaders and Former Chief Ministers are not exempted from the Security Checks according to the rules. While the debate is going on if what has happened in Gannavaram is acceptable or not, it is impressive how Naidu carried himself in this entire episode.

There is no drama whatsoever and no threats to the Officials saying “I will be back in Power in Just Five Years and Will Not Forget Anyone’. He completely co-operated with the officials and ensured that the procedures are followed. The passengers who are on the bus along with Naidu are surprised by his composure.