Illegal buildings to bring huge money to TelanganaTelangana government had given a G.O for regularization of buildings and land in the state. These two schemes especially in GHMC surroundings are expected to bring a whopping 1500 Crore to the state. According to an official estimate, there are over 60000 illegal constructions in GHMC limits.

The government is estimating an income of 1.66 Lakhs from each building. Already there are 32000 pending applications about regularization with the corporation. Government is expecting another 20000 applications now.

If the government machinery impart proper publicity to these schemes, then both of them are likely to bring record income which will help the cash strapped state government which can be used to fund various ambitious projects of the government. These schemes are previously implemented twice and the income in all the three occasions did not bring altogether the 1500 Crore income estimated now.