IKEA-in-Hyderabad-First-Day-ReviewSwedish International Furniture Maker, IKEA finally opened its first Indian Store in Hyderabad on Thursday. There is a huge influx of the customers for the Store inaugurated by Municipal Minister, K Taraka Ramarao. Customers who have visited the store on the first day say there is a wide range of Products in all the ranges.

IKEA customers of USA say that some prices are economical in India when compared at International Level. Keeping in mind the average Indian customer, the company also ensured a low price item in the majority. The shopping experience on the first day is however cumbersome, we are told.

The shopping system for selecting the item at one place and picking up the actual packages at another place was difficult for many. Parking is a huge problem for the Store as they chose to give Parking locations at far away place and ferry the customers via their own buses.

This may prove to be very difficult in the long run, the company has identified. Some customers on the first day drove the store only to know that parking is not allowed there. Also, it is expected that the first few days, the store will have more of Joy Visitors who are curious to see the store than indulge in purchases. So, the crowd management this weekend will be a challenge.