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Targeting Lokesh out of Grudge?

IIA International Innovation Fair 2017 - Targeting Nara Lokesh out of GrudgeThe impact of any speech would depend on the audience on the opposite who takes it. There would be an audience who listens and understands the essence of the speech and there are others who would just hear and try to pull out errors. Especially, people who fear the speaker or who have a grudge on them.

We are talking about those inadvertent errors that jump out of the orator’s speech which doesn’t matter. Same happened with Nara Lokesh for his speech given at IIA International Innovation Fair 2017. Evidently, he really made an impressive speech (watch the video below), but they are making a mountain out of a molehill by making the clipped videos of Lokesh viral on the internet via the paid online campaigns. What are they trying to expose here? What is the loss here to the state or people caused by a simple verbal error?

As Naidu is a tough person to crack and it’s proved again with recent elections in the state, are they scared of the glory that the party might get? Is that why they are attempting to demean Lokesh with silly criticism like this? Will this social media efforts really convert into votes? Check out the speech here and do you think what they are pointing out actually matters?