If Jagan Resigns Today, YSRCP Will Not Even Get 20 SeatsFormer MLA and BJP leader Vishnu Kumar Raju made sensational remarks against AP Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy. Speaking to the media on Friday, he said that Jagan is the worst Chief Minister and there is no dictatorship like this in the country.

“Jagan’s earlier slogans “Badhude .. Badhude” on electricity charges would apply only to him. Now people are getting Vaathale Vaathalu,” he criticized.

“Jagan had given this Ugadi a gift by increasing the electricity charges. In another two years, people will send Jagan home and give him a gift. If Jagan resigns as CM, he will not even get 20 seats,” he added.

“Officials need not surrender so much. He will be the CM for just two more years. People are afraid of saying that fearing that house, ration card, and schemes will be cut,” the former MLA said.

“If I don’t have this scarf (BJP scarf) around my neck too, I will also have to say that Jagan will win. If I do not have the scarf, the police will deal with me. Jagan became CM because he is the son of YSR and because of Sharmila and Vijayamma’s Padyatra,” Vishnu Kumar Raju told the media.