Vivekananda Reddy Daughter SuneethaSunita Reddy, daughter of former minister YS Vivekananda Reddy, has come before the media and complained that it has been two years since her father was killed and the people behind the murder are still not booked. Sunita alleged that the trial of her father’s murder case is not going well.

“Many people have advised me to leave about this murder but my mind is saying that I should fight for justice. My father was the brother of the late CM and he is the uncle of the current Chief Minister, YS Jagan. “If this is the plight of ourselves, what is the situation of the common man,” she questioned.

“I met some officials about our father’s murder. They said killings were common in the Kadapa area. I do not understand how murders can be so common. It is feared that witnesses in the murder case will be harmed. I am afraid to talk about my father’s murder and tell the truth. This is definitely a political murder,” she alleged.

While all Telugu News Channels have given the Press conference live, CM Jagan owned Sakshi media blacked out completely. The Chief Minister after coming to power also withdrew his petition in the high court for a CBI inquiry and the government argued against Viveka’s daughter’s petition. Even though the CBI inquiry began, nothing has happened.