Playback Singer and Actor Smita is making a comeback with SonyLIV’s Nijam with Smita – a Talk show with many celebrities like Megastar Chiranjeevi, Chandrababu Naidu, and many others in the first season. On this occasion, Smita spoke to Mirchi9 for a detailed conversation of the show and her career.

“Nijam with Smita is different from other talkshows. Every episode has a beautiful theme connecting to the celebrities and beautiful conversations are build around the theme. This is something very different to Talkshows that came previously,” Smita said.

She also spoke elaborately about social media and the people who cast aspirations to her and her mother for staying vocal about Amaravati.

“We are branded castiest (Kamma) and political (TDP) for supporting Amaravati. We dont become one because some people are saying. In our extended family, we have members from Gujarat, Poland, Sri Lanka, Mexico, China, and even Britain. My grand mother even asked my mother if there is anyone in her mind when she was about to get married. She was even ready for people of other castes and religion. So what is that they are talking about?,” Smita lashed out at such people.

Mirchi9 has asked Smita if she or her mother Jogulamba if interested in politics like her grand mother, Lakshmi Kantamma garu. “My mother is previously in BJP and came out because she did not like there. She says people like us are not cut for politics. When we go to politics, Freedom of Expression will get curbed,” she told.