If That Happens, Will Leave Politics: ChandrababuFormer Chief Minister and Opposition Leader, Chandrababu Naidu is in Penukonda of Anantapur district on a tour to create awareness in the people about the importance of Amaravati as the capital. Chandrababu reiterated that only one capital should be there for a state and it is Amaravati.

He mentioned how there was no resistance when he announced Amaravati as the capital. “If this government wants to change the Capital, ask their 151 MLAs to resign and let’s go for elections again. If People give a favorable verdict to them, let them change the capital to wherever they want. I am ready even to leave politics in such a case,” Chandrababu Naidu challenged.

“I am sure that the Chief Minister will not agree with this proposal. The government should at least go for a plebiscite about Capital Change and take a decision. The reports of GN Rao Committee and Boston Consulting Group are bogus. We should throw them into Bhogi fires tomorrow,” Chandrababu added.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Capital Change may be delayed a bit as the High Power Committee may seek some more time to submit its report.