JanaSena-Pawan-Kalyan-TDP-Chandrababu-NaiduNadendla Manohar issued a statement indirectly refuting Somu Veerraju’s claims of no alliance with TDP discussion in PM Modi’s meeting with Pawan Kalyan.

Janasainiks are on a rampage ever since the meeting insulting TDP and forgetting all the neglect of BJP in the three and a half years so far.

Some of them are floating a theory that if TDP is finished in 2024, 2029 will be Janasena’s. But then, their assumption is just too optimistic.

We have seen Jagan treating Pawan Kalyan as arch-rival. Many times, it appears like Jagan hates Pawan Kalyan to the core. That is visible from some of the very personal comments he made on the Janasenani.

If at all, Jagan wins 2024, he will target Janasena and Pawan Kalyan and try to decimate the party. We have seen what he did to the TDP leaders so far.

Janasena if contested with BJP in 2024, it will once again remain as a single digit party and YSR Congress will easily poach them. It is not easy for a regional party to remain in opposition with such results in two elections.

BJP will definitely not come to the Janasena’s rescue because if Janasena is finished, BJP can occupy the second place. In case it supports Janasena in the tussle with Jagan, it will have to confine to third place once again or depend on alliances.

BJP under Narendra Modi and Amit Shah is so ambitious and would never want that. So, Pawan Kalyan is conscious about it and is undecided of the alliances in 2024. Janasainiks, however, are too much into caste and cinema rivalry and can not realize that.