AP EmployeesEenadu has published an article about how salaries were paid on time during Chandrababu Naidu’s rule and the salaries were always uncertain in Jagan’s rule. Principal Secretary – Finance SS Rawat spoke to the media rebutting the allegations.

Rawat’s explanation is completely laughable. Instead of saying how the Government gives salaries on time, he started blame game saying how things were the same during Chandrababu Naidu’s rule as well.

Rawat went on to say the delay is only due to the delay in the upload of bills and other processes.

He questioned why Eenadu never published about the delay during Chandrababu’s regime.

Rawat’s Pressmeet resembled some politicians of the Ruling Party.

Further, if the situation is the same then and now, why would the employees go all the way to the Governor and complain?

Moreover, the associations have leaders who are all Pro-YSR Congress and they openly campaigned for Jagan in 2019 elections.

That itself answers if the situation is the same then and now.