If-Arun-Jaitley-Hints-Are-True,-India-is-in-Trouble!Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley the other day opened the Pandora box saying that the currency supply in the system is more than adequate and the ongoing Cash Crunch in some areas is just sudden, temporary, and unusual.

This gave rise to doubts if Arun Jaitley is hinting about cash being diverted by political parties ahead of the Karnataka Elections and the upcoming General Elections. But then, the Cash Crunch exists in both the Telugu States since the Demonetization and the cash flow has never improved.

If the indirect allegations of Jaitley are true, that is more trouble as it is the case of managing the RBI or Banks. Already people have lost their trust in the banking system due to the Mallyas and Modis, if this allegation of funds diversion to political parties is true, it will dent the image of Banking System Permanently.

It is a pity that the Central Government could not do anything about it with all the forces at its disposal. Shifting the blame on to the Opposition will only tarnish the image of the Central Government which is even dangerous for BJP. Jaitley is lying or India is in Trouble!