The rivalry between Pawan Kalyan and Shabbir Ali is on from the days of Praja Rajyam. They took pot shots on each other with several cuss words then. Now Shabbir Ali began the rivalry once again. In a Congress meeting, Shabbir Ali said “Paritala Ravi only tonsured half for Pawan Kalyan. For him Congress Hatao slogan, I will tonsure his full head”.

He also ridiculed that it is a joke that a person who can not control his own wife is trying to set the Nation right. He advised Pawan Kalyan to learn to keep his wife in control. He also added, “Pawan Kalyan may be on screen Gabbar Singh but I am real life Gabbar Singh”. Pawan Kalyan came down heavily on his distractors in his maiden speech in Hyderabad. We will have to wait for his attack on Shabbir Ali in his next public meeting in Vishakapatnam on 29th of this month.