Nara BhuvaneswariNara Bhuvaneswari, managing trustee of the NTR Memorial Trust is in Tirupati to distribute cheques of One Lakh Rupees to the families who lost lives in recent floods. Speaking to a media channel, she said as a mother, she raised Lokesh with a culture of respect for women.

“At our company board meeting, we don’t talk about men, women. We only talk about the company, the services that need to be done through CSR. Assembly is like a temple, it should only discuss issues related to people. I do not care what they said,” she said.

“I have the support of my husband. He saw the love for me behind his tears. I do not need anyone’s apology, I suffered for around ten days when he made inappropriate comments towards me. Lokesh works to increase respect for women in politics. Degrading women is not good for society. The atrocities against women are worse than the attack on me,” she said remembering those dreadful days

“The atrocities being committed against women are more painful. Every man should see the women in the society as well as the mother and sister in his family. We will expand services at the national level under the auspices of the NTR Trust. The Trust provides services wherever there is a risk of disaster or natural disaster. We will also set up a system where trust volunteers will work with us across the country,” she revealed about the future plans of NTR Trust.