I-PAC Took Over YCP Ministers' Twitter Handles?The other day, MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna criticized the decision to change the name of NTR’s Health University in the strongest words. He did not even spare those claiming to be NTR fans but remained silent on this issue.

YSR Congress got startled by this harsh response by Balayya Babu. Sensing trouble, YSR Congress central office and I-PAC entered the scene to take remedial actions.

We have seen all the verified Twitter handles of YSR Congress Ministers, MLAs, and important leaders of the party give a counter to Balakrishna.

But when we see those tweets, there is a pattern in the tweets written in Telugu. It is clear that all those tweets are composed by one person as they are in the same style and similar language.

While in Opposition, YSR Congress got the Twitter handles of all its leaders verified and they were taken control by I-PAC back then and the YSR Congress Central office later on.

It looks like with elections around the corner, they are back to the task once again.