I-PAC_Jr_NTRIt is known that Amaravati farmers are rallying from Amaravati to Arasavalli in protest of the YSRCP government’s negligence towards the capital region of Amaravati.

YCP troops are doing all they can to tarnish this public agitation and here’s their newest attempt.

A video from the Yatra, in which a woman is seeing calling out Jr NTR, asking him to support the Amaravati Yatra went viral very recently. In the video, the woman uses objectionable language against NTR. This is all that YCP troops needed to create a fake drama.

Pro YCP handles on social media started spreading a fake letter with NTR Krishna District Fans Association letter head. In this fake letter, it is mentioned that it is not right to abuse NTR for a political development and fans would even look to obstruct the Amaravati Yatra if those who badmouthed NTR don’t apologise immediately.

Shortly after, Krishna district NTR fans association representative stated that this letter is a fake one and the association has nothing to do with it.

“YCP troops, led by I-PAC have started the fake letters campaign. This is the second time they are using the fake letter strategy. But their efforts are being quickly busted. Wonder when they’ll stop this fake propaganda,” a netizen commented.