I-PAC Not Feeding Right Information To Jagan?YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has no prior experience before becoming the Chief Minister and has completed three years in power.

It looks like the Chief Minister is still not properly aware of the administration or if the officials are not feeding him the right information.

The other day at a workshop of the party MLAs and in charges, the Chief Minister took questions from the MLAs.

Kandukur MLA Mahidhar Reddy asked the Chief Minister about rampant power cuts in the state.

“Power cuts were high during the TDP regime only. They are very little now. It costs an additional Rs 40 crore a day to buy coal. Despite so many troubles, we managed to reduce power cuts. We need to explain to the people what the power cuts were like during the TDP regime and how much we have reduced now,” the CM said.

There used to be surplus power during Chandrababu’s regime. Forget about what the ruling party leaders or the officials say, the feedback about the power cuts is clearly visible in the public and on social media.

I-PAC or any other agency can have the right information about it.

Is the I-PAC not giving the right information to the CM? or the CM is not acknowledging the problem?

But Jagan should realize that the more he ignores a problem the better it is for the Opposition to gain ground.