I-Pac-YSRCP-CampaignIt is known to our readers that YSR Congress has signed Prashant Kishor’s I-PAC for the 2024 election as well and they have already opened an office in Hyderabad.

I-PAC started recruitments to carry out the social media campaigns of the YSR Congress.

Sources say that Housewives and Single mothers are the major recruits of I-PAC.

Prashant Kishor believes that women are more attentive in carrying out the tasks assigned. Also, housewives and single mothers have time and need money.

So, they are recruited in big numbers to spread the good about Jagan’s Government and the bad about the Opposition.

Also, the posts of women naturally get good traction on social media.

Also, in case, they are targeted by the Opposition, they can be used to file legal cases to corner the Opposition’s social media teams and supporters.