I-PAC-Jr-NTRFor the last few days, Andhra Pradesh Politics were dominated by issues like Amaravati and Delhi Liquor Scam. It is almost like Jagan gave up on the three capitals issue and the ball is in the court of the Supreme Court.

We have heard the names of Vijaysai Reddy’s kin and even Jagan’s wife, Bharathi in the Delhi Liquor Scam. There are reports that Vijaysai Reddy’s kin may be arrested by ED.

This should be a week of YSR Congress’s complete defense but then, they successfully managed to divert the issue by bringing up the NTR University issue.

The Opposition is entirely after the issue. When the issue is about to die down, Junior NTR gave a statement. The poor choice of words in the statement kept the issue burning.

Thus NTR unintentionally helped Jagan big time.

Now, a small section of NTR fans has been trending hashtags against the Nara family. I-PAC has deployed bots to help the hashtag trend on Twitter.

One look at the participants in the trend, there are numerous accounts created recently with just a handful of followers.

Some of the accounts claiming themselves as fans of other heroes are also tweeting the hashtags. You can just understand the intention.