I-Pac-JaganReddyCaste politics are going to play a crucial role in Godavari districts this time. East Godavari, in particular, will be interesting to watch if Janasena and TDP contest together.

The ruling party has deployed I-PAC survey teams to assess the impact of this alliance in polarizing the Kapu community.

Sources say that I-PAC has asked the party to decrease tickets for the Reddy community this time. YSR Congress is giving three tickets to the Reddy community in the district which is almost 15% of the total seats.

Kothapeta, Kakinada City, and Anaparthi are the three seats.

The Survey report says the public is not happy about giving these seats to the Reddy community even though Kapu and other communities are dominant here.

In Kakinada City, Kapu and the Fishermen community are dominant but Dwarampudi is the party loyalist and it is difficult to refuse him a ticket.

In Anaparthi, the Reddy community is a bit less than Kapu and Mala communities but the constituency is called the Bastion of Reddy community in the entire state.

Chirla Jaggireddy is YSRCP MLA from Kothapeta. But the Kapu community is the decisive population here.

I-PAC has asked the party’s high command to ensure only one Reddy candidate from these three constituencies. But that is not so easy.

If the Reddy community is sidelined, the community which is known for its financial and muscle power will definitely work against the party. At the same time, Jagan can not afford to offend other communities.

So, the party is struggling to find a way.