i-need-to-continuously-win-elections-for-amaravati-naiduNaidu participated in HT summit conducted by NDTV last night where he faced an interested question ‘Building Amaravati is a long-term goal, how does Naidu plan to achieve it? Babu said he wants to continuously win the Elections for Amaravati to be developed, since building a whole city couldn’t be a short term goal. Does he mean that none of the others could make the city “the” dream city as all anticipated?

The conversation went more like question and answer session where Naidu shared his views about how he is going to make Amaravati a green and blue city while green refers to the eco-friendly city and blue referring to beautiful waters around the city namely Krishna and the Godavari. Other important points that he discussed include the maintenance of good relation with BJP, considerable support from the center, and demonetization effect on Amaravati development.

Mentioning Naidu as a Globe-trotting powerful visionary leader, NDTV representative asked about choosing a new city to make it a capital instead of developing the existing cities. Responding to the same, CM said that the city would come in the middle of two large cities Vijayawada and Guntur and the Amaravati would be built in the same way as Hyderabad was developed by him in 9 years of ruling. Naidu also said that they are planning all the possible means to make Amaravati a smart city.