I Love Amaravati Becomes I Love APIt is known to our readers that the officials at AP Bhavan in Delhi had stirred a controversy by removing the I Love Amaravati Board in the premises of AP Bhavan. Back then, when their action was largely criticized, the officials said that the board was damaged by monkeys and they are going to keep it back repaired.

But many actually believed that those in power could not stand Amaravati any longer and so removed it. Proving them to be right, the officials have changed the signboard to I Love AP. This is to avoid controversies. They now say that the new signboard indicates inclusiveness.

“The plan is to remove Amaravati and AP is a mask for that to prevent further controversies,” Amaravati farmers say. I Love Amaravati Board was set up during Chandrababu Naidu’s regime after the Capital Announcement. It became a very famous selfie point among the visitors of Andhra Bhavan.

It is known to our readers that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is mooting the idea of having three capitals to Andhra Pradesh. Amaravati will now only be confined to the Assembly session while Vishakapatnam will be the actual capital with the entire administration running from there. Kurnool will have the high court.