Anam-Ramnarayana-ReddyAn open rebellion appears to have started in YCP, well over a year before the elections. The party MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy had already stated that the high command is humiliating him and is tapping his phones. Now, another MLA Anam Ramanarayana Reddy has made a similar statement.

“The government has been tapping my phone for the last two years and I have proof of the same. I have a life threat, and now, the government has cut down on my security” Anam said.

Adding further he alleged that “There is a plan to see the end of me. They might be trying to assassinate me. They are tapping my phone and my assistant’s phone for the last two years” Anam said at the presser today.

First, it was KotamReddy who made phone-tapping allegations against his own party. And now, it’s Anam who is making the same statement. A pattern appears to be emerging here and YCP could be landing in hot soup if these allegations are carried forward and factually proved.

Not often do we see two MLAs, and the obvious MP (Raghu Rama Krishna Raju) openly speaking against their own ruling party. And particularly so, over 15 months before the elections. Does this reflect the shift in political equilibrium in the state? Yes, say politician observers.