Undavalli SrideviUndavalli Sridevi is one of the four MLAs suspended for cross-voting to a TDP candidate in MLC elections. Sridevi conducted a Pressmeet in Hyderabad after the YSR Congress cadre attacked her office in the constituency after the suspension.

“I left Andhra Pradesh because I do not want to die like Doctor Sudhakar or Dr. Atchanna. I have a life threat from Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy. I will complain to NHRC about the law and order in AP. An SC and female MLA does not have protection in AP. I will go back to AP only after my safety is assured,” Sridevi said.

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“I am the MLA representing the Capital area. I could not answer the people of my constituency after they were deceived in the name of capital. I could not stand by them because I am in captivity. I will join their agitation now. Did you do 10% development in the entire state when compared to the development that happened in Amaravati? Don’t say Jaganna House Colonies. It is a big scam and they made 1000s of Crores,” she said.

“I voted as per the party instructions. I can promise in any temple. My mind has become blocked due to the blow by Jagan. I will give you a return gift very soon. I am an independent MLA until 2024. I will sit in the tents of the Amaravati farmers and give slogans – Save Amaravati, Build Andhra Pradesh. I am not in talks with any political parties now,” the MLA added.

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