Balineni-Srinivasa-Reddy-Casino Organizer Chikoti Praveen is on the radar of the Enforcement Directorate.

There were rumors that many politicians from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have attended his Nepal Casino.

Chikoti Praveen had organized the controversial casino in Gudivada as well. So, the names of YSR Congress leaders are prominent heard.

One of the names is Former Minister Balineni Srinivas Reddy. Balineni had responded on this issue.

“I go to a casino every now and then. I myself will agree that I play cards. But I have no relation with Chikoti Praveen or his Hawala business,” the former minister said.

The minister distancing himself from Chikoti Praveen is fine but admitting to going to a casino can damage the image of the Senior leader and also that of the Ruling Party.

A couple of days ago, another former Minister Kodali Nani also distanced himself from Chikoti Praveen even though Praveen previously organized the Casino in Nani’s own constituency.