Many politicians of the Telugu states have submitted their property values to the Election commission. Knowing about the value of their properties, people are shocked. The politicians have shown that they not only have very little possessions but are also in huge debts.

TRS chief, KCR has managed to show that he doesn’t even have 10 lakh rupees with him to spend. Only a deposit of 6 lakh is available but he has around 10 crores in form of investments. However, he also showed the EC that he has a debt of 8 crores. KCR claims that there is no four-wheeler on his name or his wife’s. His son KTR has possessions worth 8 crores following a debt of 2 crores.

Congress member, Vijayasanthi has submitted saying that she has 57 lakh worth jewellery and a land worth 28 crores in Chennai. While Sarve Satyanarayana has shown properties worth 35 crores, Dattatreya has worth 10 crores.

These politicians have successfully hidden all their major properties, though they have farm houses and cars worth crores, they have submitted unreal figures to Election Commission and are now acting as if they are poor people. People must look through it, realize the truth and vote accordingly to the right person.