“I complained against Kavitha and Puri to ED”The Enforcement Directorate investigated Puri Jagannadh and Charmme over foreign investments in Liger project. The investigation took place yesterday and it reportedly went on for over 12 hours.

A Congress leader named Bakka Jadson has claimed that he is the one who complained against the investments of KCR’s daughter Kavitha and others investment in Liger. Incidentally, he had previously complained about the same to ED.

“Yes I’m the one who complained against KCR’s daughter Kavitha, Puri Jagannadh and Charmme to the ED. They all converted their black money into white using this film. Puri belongs to the same caste as Kavitha and so does Vijay Deverakonda” the Congress politician stated.

The ED’s action on Puri has become that much more prominent after reports emerged that the officials are investigating if Telangana based politicians had actually invested in the project.

Liger is tarnishing those involved with in so many more ways than one. The distributors lost big money on the film. Puri and Co. is now having to face ED action.