KA-Paul,-Journalist-Swetha-Reddy,Swetha Reddy is a known web media anchor and she became more famous as KA Paul announced to give ticket from Hindupur constituency to win over Balayya in the elections. Now, the same journalist is slamming the politician turned evangelist for misusing her name.

Swetha called out for an urgent press meet and backlashed the comments that KA Paul made on her discriminating her capability to bring the required memberships for the party. As she says, KA Paul who has already become the trending comedian on web media for his ridiculous comments claimed in a web interaction that Swetha joined his party to get fame and become popular in society.

These comments really pissed off the anchor who says, she is an established journalist and a known face on social media which is why has no need to use KA Paul’s fame to get name and also that not him, but she has become the comedy piece for joining his party and confirmed to have quit Praja Shanti Party now. Well, people are already not taking him seriously and this might turn an eye opener for the ones who are still under his spell if any.