Hyderabad has reported a rise in Beer consumption this month. 40 Lakh beer cases are anticipated to be sold by the end of this month in Hyderabad. People shifted to Beer in summer from hard drinks to beat the summer heat as the reports say.

With 40 Lakh cases of beer would make a mini pond which you can swim in. Well, in summer, the traders witness more than fifty percent of the rise in the beer sales all the time. Telangana is usually known for its consumption of hard liquor which makes about 65% of liquor consumption.

The state has already made it to 28 Lakh cases sold and by the end of the month, it might cross 40 Lakh cases as reported. Last month it was 37 Lakh cases that entered the state and this month it would be a record if the sales cross 40 Lakh cases which mean, there is also a rise in people that drink beer.