Hyderabad_USA_Visa_CenterHyderabad’s USA Visa application Center has been moved to a new office. This move will come to effect from the 8th of January.

Those intend to submit Hyderabad visa Center for interview waiver documentation, will have to visit the new office from the aforementioned date.

The new office is at Lower Concourse, Hitech City, 500081 and this will be used for operations starting from the 8th of January.

There will be no changes to the visa interview process, timings or the date and the only thing changed here is the venue, which is as mentioned above.

As per reports, a new permanent building is set to be opened in Nanakramguda on the 26th of this month and this will resume the operations henceforth.

The temporary facility will be in usage for just over two weeks post which, a new permanent building will commence the operations.