Cyberabad-Traffic-PoliceJust like the dialogue from KGF, “If you think you are bad, I am your dad!”, Hyderabad Traffic police proved this biker how hard it is to try to be smart with them.

A Hyderabadi biker named Mohammad Mubeen tried to prove the traffic challan wrong believing to have found a solid proof to put on their face but got an epic insult in return.

Mubeen got a challan issued in the name of triple riding from the traffic police and he, who knew they were only two on the bike downloaded the picture from the Traffic police website and posted the same picture on Cyberabad Traffic official Twitter handle posting a complaint that they made a mistake by assigning a challan to him.

Well, the Traffic Police responded to the complaint immediately and took back the challan of triple riding and made it to W/O helmet plus gave away a suggestion to him to follow the traffic rules and always wear the helmet. This must have left Mubeen in splits, while the internet is going LOL over the epic reply of the smart police department. Never mess with the right man.