Hyderabad to Telangana, Kia Motors to Rayalaseema?Looks like Kia Motors Plant in Anantapur is going to be a game changer for the entire Rayalaseema region. The prestigious car’s manufacturer is bringing heaps of investments and employment opportunities in the form of its own, supply chain vendors and ancillary units.

As a result of these massive investments, the land rates around the project site have increased by multiple folds. An acre used to cost just 2 Lakhs previously and has gone up to 20 Lakhs now. The rents in the locality have gone up thrice already.

Several Star Hotels are keen on setting up hotels to treat the Koreans who operate the plant. A couple of hotels have already started serving Korean delicacies in rented accommodations. The investment brought a new bloom to the entire region.

Rayalaseema particularly Anantapur is known for drought and people migrating to Bengaluru to do petty works. Many of them are returning back with the hope of getting work in their native places itself. While Hyderabad breathed life to Telangana, Kia Motors is likely to do the same for Seema.