Hyderabad_Marriage_scamsMarriage scams are becoming increasingly prevalent these days. Here’s one such story involving a Hyderabad-based techie and a doctor based in Nellore.

The techie, Vamsi Krishna, 39 had already married two women in the past and divorced both of them. He then applied with a matrimony site to find a woman for his third marriage. This is when he met a Nellore-based doctor.

Vamsi managed to trick the lady doctor to get married to him after meeting her Nellore and having a few conversations. The lady recently lost her husband and was looking to start a new phase of life, but sadly for her, she fell in the trap of Vamsi.

The couple got married and got together physically. They spent a week in Nellore and then Vamsi took off to Hyderabad.

After the lady went to Hyderabad to meet Vamsi, he tried to evade her. She grew suspicious and threatened to approach the police about him. After hearing this, Vamsi locked her inside a room for two days. And he then applied in the same matrimony site for another marriage. This left the matrimony site suspicious and they called the woman, to find what happened.

The woman somehow managed to escape from the enclosure and filed a police complaint against Vamsi with help from the matrimony site representatives. Investigation is underway now.