Hyderabad-Police-Get-Sore-on-Prankster-YoungHyderabad Police get irate with two young YouTubers making prank videos during the heck of the traffic. Police triggered by the government for KTR received numerous complaints from the citizens annoyed by the actions of the boys that are risky to the citizens as well as them.

The Vinay Kuyya and Darestar Gopal are indeed famous for their prank videos like sitting in the middle of the road, stepping on the cars in the run, doing dips in the heck of the traffic on the Hyderabad roads. The videos are laughable and yet are visibly risky which is what the citizens are fed up with and the police have taken up these complaints and warned the duo for their actions.

On the other side, the duo argues that their pranks are shot with various precautions taken to avoid accidents which have never happened with their 20 videos that brought 62,000 subscribers. But, the police are clear to take a strong action on them. Pranks are fun can be lethal sometimes. Not all are fine being pranked.