Naidu claims stake vs KCR’s foul languageAP CM Chandrababu Naidu took the attack to opposite team a short while ago in a Public meeting at Guntur. Naidu who appeared defensive in the last few days came all out blazing on his Telangana Counter part who is trying down to pin him in Cash for Vote fiasco.

Naidu tells KCR, how much right you have on Hyderabad, we also have the same right over Hyderabad for 10 years and warns about the phone tapping, “You have an ACB, I also have an ACB in Hyderabad. You have police, I also have police in Hyderabad. Naidu also stressed up on the need for having Law and order of Hyderabad in Governor’s hands.

On the other hand Telangana CM KCR as countered with his usual foul language asking Naidu “Hyderabad nee ayya jageera? ACB is not yours, ours etc..surprisingly KCR ended his speech with an innocent dialogue ‘he never bought any MLAs and it was Naidu who is trying to grab other party MLAs.” It is known that several other parties MLAs jumped in to TRS so far.