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Hyderabad Hotels Serving Rotten Meat?

hyderabad-hotels-serving-rotten-meat15 Hotels in Secunderabad were sealed in the past one week by the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) Sanitary wing and these hotels have several popular ones among them. The restaurants have been chicken, mutton, fish and prawns for 10 days even though they do not have popular deep-freeze facilities.

This is not a rare instance but is becoming increasingly common in Hyderabad. Restaurant owners are buying the stale meat and sea food at low costs and are preserving them. Some of the juice centers have also come under the radar. They are allegedly using rotten fruits which were brought at a cheaper rate from vendors.

Incidentally, rules are not so rigid and these hotels will go off the hook very easily. In the first instance of booking a case, they will be given 10 days to rectify the problems. In the second instance, if they are found, a penalty of about One Lakh will be levied.