Hyderabad Girl Cheats on FB! Earns 22 Lakhs!Social media has always been a platform to cheat and to be cheated. A girl named Samia from Hyderabad earned 22 Lakhs using the same platform. The girl posted her picture on the Facebook page named Go Fund Samia, claiming herself as a cancer patient asking for funds to be treated.

Samia’s father is actually a cancer patient and was undergoing treatment for the same which paved a way for her idea to make easy money on Facebook. She had a good knowledge of the disease that her father was suffering from. Her friends on Facebook and other donors from the hospital, where her father is being treated have donated funds to Go Fund Samia.

Her fraud came into light when the donors contacted the hospital and filed a complaint against Samia. Police arrested her and seized her State Bank account to which the funds were transferred. However, the account was left with just 5000 bucks. Well, this incident reminds people to be careful while donating their money to an unknown individual.