hyderabad-fake-doctor-drives-away-audi-car-during-test-driveA second hand car dealer in Hyderabad got conned by a 35 year old man disguised as a doctor. Apparently, the man drove off with an Audi Q3 after initially taking it for a test drive. The police have been notified of this theft.

We hear that the luxury car that has been stolen by Gowtham Reddy, the name with which the man identified himself, was worth 25 lakhs. The man who posed as a doctor said he worked at the Apollo Hospitals when he came to Nani Cars in Srinagar Colony to buy an Audi car.

A staff member went with him to the test drive but “Gowtham” managed to get him off the car by saying that he’ll show it to his friends at the hospital. Then, he left for the hospital and didn’t return. The police are still investigating the matter.