Hyderabad-Police-Bomb-BlastTerrorism attacks in Telangana are largely curbed down now with intelligence wings and special forces enforcing utmost restraint. Now, a new terrorist plan has been busted in its tracks.

Telangana police have nabbed a couple of men, who are believed to have been working with Pakistan to plan a bomb blast in Hyderabad.

Jahed, a resident of Musarabad, and Maj Hassan Farook of Humayun Nagar, Sameeuiddin of Saidabad were nabbed by Telangana police.

The trio was reportedly planning a terrorism bomb attack at crowded places in Hyderabad. They laundered money from Pakistan and arranged the explosives for the blast.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is bought into action now and is investigating the case. More details about the nature of the attacks that were planned will be identified in the due course.

No warning was issued to the public though, given that the development was identified and presumably nullified in the early stages.