Hyderabad, Hyderabad Beggars, Hyderabad Beggars Income, Hyderabad Beggars earning, Hyderabad Beggars Crores, Hyderabad Beggars Lakhs An NGO came up with a staggering figure of about 25000 beggars in Hyderabad and all of them earning as much as 456 Crore per year. The figures reveal that beggars earn about 500 Rupees per day and children earn more than adults. These numbers are being dug for the government to support in creating a Beggar free city.

Government sources say that only about 5% of these beggars are genuine and rest of them are criminals and have come from neighbouring States, even as far out as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Government had offered rehabiliation for them to quit begging, but about 90-95% of them are not willing to accept rehabilitation.

Government had offered to rehabilitate them in old age homes, schools, and ashrams/orphanages. Telangana government is chalking out plans to maintain a database of the criminal beggards while taking care of the destitute, the old and the disabled who are really struggling to make a living.