EmiratesThe RGIA in Hyderabad is regarded as one of the best passenger aviation facilities in all of India. But now, a rather annoying incident has happened at the Hyderabad airport.

Incidentally, case has been filed against two of Emirates Airlines’ staff at the Hyderabad airport for abusing a wheelchair-bound woman and a police officer.

The said woman is in her late fifties and she wanted to on-board the Emirates aircraft destined to the USA. She requested the Emirates staff to expedite the process, given her situation.

The staff then started to abuse her, and when a police officer, Gemya Naik, tried to pacify the situation, the Emirates staff started abusing him as well. They allegedly called him a drunk.

The police constable then went on to file a police complaint against the two of the Emirates staff, citing assault on a public servant, and insulting a person.

RGIA police have filed the complaint and they’ve started to investigate the case. More details to follow. The police constable said he seeks stern action against the two staff who abused him and the wheelchair-bound woman.