Hyderabad City was once known for hosting numerous lakes. Many of these lakes used to nest variety of avian species from far off lands which fly to Hyderabad every year especially during winter. But year after the year, the increase of concrete jungle is having adverse affect on the biodiversity of the city. Indiscriminate destruction of biodiversity, deforestation, massive borewell activities, release of sewage in to lakes, breaking of hillocks and encroachment of water bodies are leading to decrease in the number of birds coming to Hyderabad.

Some of the environment activists say the birds coming to Hyderabad are being prone to harsh pollution of the city and they are dying before the next season arrives. Few years ago, Hyderabad used to have 400 lakes in the city, and as a result of the greed of encroachers there are hardly 40 odd lakes are free from encroachments. Government is planning to fence the existing lakes in the city to prevent encroachments.