HYD-IT-Guys-Take-the-Appeal-to-the-Roads-to-Interest-KTRHyderabad roads have always been a pain in the wrong place for the riders and the rainy days are the worst. No matter how many appeals go to the government offices for the correction of the roads, the problem remains same. Having done with the regular applications, the IT professionals of the Silicon city of Telangana came up with this idea to attract the IT Minister’s eye on their issue.

The guys have displayed these banners that read “#KTR_IT-PARK_Road, Safety at your risk, Road to silicon city of Telangana India”. These banners have been placed at various points of the road which is doing its job, attracting people’s attention.

The ITians came to this decision after multiple appeals to the government for over two years. Well, KTR is quite active on social media and it takes not much time for him to get a glance at these pictures going viral online. Let us see if anything happens with this idea.